Sunday, October 23, 2011

Invisible Hands Manipulating Parallel Universes

Invisible Hands Manipulating Parallel Universes
Thomas Blue -
Corporate Philosopher, Madrigal Electromotive GmbH

Imagine investing years in a child's education finally resulting in matriculation to a fine college. Four more years of work, toil, and more cash out the door, only to find out that your future wizard of Wall Street plans to major in Philosophy. At least learn to grow navels then to to contemplate them. I'm sure my parents had such thoughts. However I was able to find myself a fantastic position with a large growing concern, Madrigal Electromotive GmbH. Here I put my skills in ethics, logic, and a twinkling of metaphysics as a special consultant with this multinational, multibusiness line organization.Today, I was called upon to partially address the concerns of a rather obscure time shift, where a single event appears to have occurred in two different years.

Madrigal Electromotive exists in different universes, and different time frames., its Facebook presence, and all exist in roughly real time. In another universe, it may exist in let's say 2009. However to interact with the real world, (instead of the reel world) we need to exist in real time, Thus the internet sites were deemed to exist in the here and now.

At the moment, the internet universe is partially frozen. As Daffy Duck was controlled by an initially unknown animator in Duck Amuck, is at the mercy of another group, another world, a different universe. This group is still being constituted. The internet Madrigal Electromotive universe might grow and expand in importance, given depth, form and detail. Or it might disappear as a living entity, no more of use, a simple memory. A small device to tell a greater story. We're of course hoping for the former.  It all depends on where the reel universe goes.

Somewhere in November, our future will begin to take form, or it may wither away. We simply must face our fate. Hopefully we can continue to use our internet tools to expand on concepts and ideas generated in the reel universe, even with the time shift. Maybe the time will shift forward and catch up, or maybe it'll stretch even further away.

When the website fired up, there was no great plan, just a simple idea to bridge the real universe with the rich reel universe. It slowly began to develop into a devise to add discussion, some fun, and some interaction. Using corporate personnel so we can have some fun with ideas, tell more stories, offer additional depth and thought. Maybe that will continue, even as our corporation itself no longer serves its original purpose. 

Only time and a small group soon to gather in Burbank to shape their universe deciding its
  future along with ours We just hope we'll be part of it.

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  1. Will anyone be blogging from madrigal with the new product that's coming out in august? i'd love to hear thoughts from the corporate heads on how to implement them in business and also to see if my investments for the last 5 years have been worthwhile. There's no way that madrigal would ever fade away, that would be unreel.

    thanks again for your blog and universe